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A Running Glance of Playdates, Pick-ups and Destination Breakfasts

Upon returning from a nice relaxing family holiday (well as relaxing as those can be) the kids and I have hit the ground running as far as routine is concerned. Straight back into work only 12 hours after landing back in cold Sydney, and having to work out logistics for Monday and Tuesday childcare and friendcare for the new shifts I was unprepared for. Funny how those few extra hours at work required 20 phone calls and signed permission notes. And I am forever in the debt of a few dearly loved friends (figuartively) and the afterschool care (literally). The hubby is unhappy with the extra pick-up and a make-up football game to throw into the mix, we both enjoy a slightly slower pace usually.

One of the best bits of the panic mornings is “Destination Breakfast” which quite simply is the kids eat at their morning destination when we have to leave at the crack of dawn. It is the best invention ever, removing one whole step in the bed-to-school¬†routine. A little bit out of practice this morning however and while breathing a small sigh of relief that I didn’t have breakfast to wrangle, I almost forgot to make the lunches. It’s not “Destination Lunch” until Wednesday…

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