spooky party

A Spooky Party

spooky partyMy daughter Lauren loves Halloween so for her 6th Birthday I decided that I would throw her a spooky party!  After stumbling across some gorgeous Halloween printables by Mer Mag on Etsy, I was on my way to create the perfect spooky party fit for a six year old girl.
For the event I handcrafted bats made out of recycled toilet paper rolls, cardboard black dots for the walls and some yellow and black cardboard spooky eyes for the bushes in the front of the garden.  I covered the windows with fake spider webs and plastic spiders and made a little spooky house vignette inspired by Mer Mag (genius).

The dessert table was set against a simple backdrop of the custom printables and black flag bunting purchase from ConcreteHoney on Etsy.  I made cute bat and ghost biscuits and added details of milk bottles and white and black paper serving-ware to keep the party age appropriate. I made my vanilla cupcakes and topped them with more of the gorgeous printables. Needless to say I think it was a very gorgeous and spooky event!

Big love and enjoy!

Felicity x
spooky partyWhat People Ate: The children enjoyed my handmade cupcakes and fondant bat and ghost covered biscuits, fresh popcorn and an arrangement of sandwiches.  I also made my a chocolate butter cake and topped with vanilla flavoured fondant.  The adults enjoyed french styled pastries from my friends bakery, Le Kitchen.

What People Drank: The children drank cold orange cordial and the adults drank a selection of T2 tea, freshly roasted Belaroma coffee.

Party Favours: The party favours included traditional lollies and spooky toys in a black paper party bag.

Activities / Games: A gentle and funny witch from Stardust Kids kept the children happy with a magic show and some face painting!
spooky party spooky party
spooky party spooky party
Vendors Custom Invitation & Printables: Tuesday Morning (Mer Mag blog)
Cake decorating supplies: Something for Cake
Entertainer:  Star Dust Kids
Party photography: Little Paper Plate Events
Baked Party food: Little Paper Plate Events

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