Add a Little Fruity Something to Your Dinners

With all the lunchpearses, morning teas and fruit snacks I prepare I constantly have a supply of the leftover half of apples, pears and oranges hanging around my kitchen. They seem to look at me and tease me that they know they aren’t getting eaten, they know that most likely I will throw them in the bin because they don’t seem as appealing as the first time I cut them. But no more. I have found a good use for these little scraps of fruit – I add them to dinner.

My favourite dish to combine fruit with is Bolognese, and the best fruit to add? Pear. Half a pear added to spaghetti sauce, or a curry or stew adds a beautiful natural sweetness that really ties together the flavours of the dish. Just dice your leftover pear or apple (I used a kiwi fruit the other day and it was a bit tart) into tiny pieces leaving the skin on, and fry it up with the onions and hard vegetables. The fruit needs to be cooked for a while to soften before you add meat or other protein and sauce, and once your dish is simmering the pear should be kind of melting into the sauce. Oranges I squeeze into anything too, but I really love it with beef and pork. you know when something is looking a bit dry in the saucepan? Chuck in a little squeezed orange or lemon, crush a pear, grate up an apple. Go on, use up those annoying little pieces of fruit!

Emma Eastman 2016

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