An Extended Break Could be the Explanation

Shit it’s been a while! To the three people that read my blog, I hope I didn’t devastate you too much by disappearing for a few months… I was overcome by the end-of-year madness followed by the Christmas Panic and compulsory January activities, only just breathing after the start-of-the-year-search-for-glue depression. Wow that life just eats away at your time and sanity sometimes huh? But at least I’ve been doing some interesting things, and after a short sabbatical from the kitchen I am back with a vengeance and trying some cool new stuff for the kids.

This week my lovely friend made me an Oven Baked Risotto which the kids couldn’t get in their face fast enough. Nice and easy meets cheap and cheerful, only requires a bit of frying, and then needs 45ish minutes to bake so can be prepared earlier in the day. Plus it has bacon!!! One and a half or double quantities works well, just make sure your oven dish is big enough. It could also be one of those meals that you prepare and then take to a friend’s house to bake – I promise you’ll score a lot of brownie points.emmas food blog

So that’s it, I’ve finally written something (albeit on the short side), time for some lunch, pick up the kids, and work out how to get this post-swimming-carnival-poster-making glitter off my hands. And face. And keyboard.

Emma Eastman 2016

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