Castle Cake

For all the princes and princesses out there, here is a real life castle cake. Constructed using various shaped cakes and rolls, there is a lot of freedom to be had in making this cake just how you want it. It’s no Buckingham Palace, but it IS nearly a Windsor Castle.

For Construction:castle

  • 1 large rectangular cake – 4 cake packet mixes in my biggest baking dish
  • 2 long jam rolly pollys
  • 2 or 4 icecream cones

It isn’t necessary to stick the pieces together, there will be plenty of icing to keep it all held in place. Cut the shortest edges off the cake to use for definition on the castle roof. With an egg ring or other round shaped tool cut the corners off to nestle the rolls into place. Use either 2 or 4 icecream cones as towers on the top of the turrets.

castle cakeFor Decoration:

  • Double batch of icing
  • Rectangular shaped chocolate lollies (keep in mind that you will need to cut them so hard toffees and caramels are not a great idea)
  • Wafer biscuits for doors
  • Handmade flags using toothpicks

Cake glitter – I used this for the first time so I’m not sure how easy it is to buy. To make it is simple, add a drop or two of food colouring to a container with caster sugar in it and shake it up until the colour is even.

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