italian sausage risoni

If Rice and Pasta Had a Baby…

I love rice. I love pasta. Sometimes when I’m on my own I will eat plain rice (yep). I’ll cook pasta and just have it with a bit of butter and some pepper. Yum. Just adore that white squishy kind of food (although try my very best to avoid it whenever I can, carbs carbs carbs!). A couple of years ago I was at a barbecue and couldn’t stop staring at a salad that seemed to have a ray of light projected onto it like a miracle. I wasn’t sure what I was looking at, but it looked like a rice-shaped pasta salad. In the space of a minute or so thoughts were flying through my head – is that rice? Is it pasta? Either way I couldn’t wait to get that stuff into my mouth. Imagine my delight in trying risoni for the first time when I never even knew it existed. The flavour of the salad was mediocre, but I was super stoked with this new food discovery.

Took me 10 years or so for my eyes to fall onto a product on the shelf (that could only be the pasta ricey stuff!!) and happily take home a box of risoni. Then took me 2 more months to get around to opening the box, but I finally did it the other day and whipped up a new recipe for the kids that will very likely become a new regular meal – as popular as ‘fortnightly’ favourite dishes. The Italian Sausage Risoni I made was a cracker if I do say so myself, Nan and Pops loved it too. And as the good Italian (wannabe) wife/mum that I am, I used red wine instead of water. And don’t worry about the kids, as soon as it is boiling, the alcohol dissipates. Which is good because I love using wine both red and white in my cooking. And drinking it while I cook 😉

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