Making Breadcrumbs

This one is a making breadcrumbsno-brainer. Breadcrumbs are so handy to add to mince for meatballs or rissoles, thicken up a mixture that is “too wet”, and delicious to crumb protein like fish and chicken. Use for Schnitzel, crumbed chops, making stuffing, I’m sure there are over 1000 uses for breadcrumbs. What some may not realise that it is ridiculous to buy them at the shop.

Here’s how to make them at home in 5 minutes:

Put as many slices of bread in the toaster as you can, I love my 4 slice toaster and I usually jam about 6 in there. I try to use the crust (top and bottom slices), or slightly old stale bread. These I keep in the freezer at the end of a loaf for this particular reason. Once toasted and cooled slightly, tear them up and whizz them up in the blender for a couple minutes.  Freezes well too.

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