wrapping vegetables in bacon

Making the World Better With Bacon

What more do I need to say? Bacon is an easy sell to my little carnivores, and I’ve just realised that I can serve anything at all to them – if there’s bacon with it, it becomes special. We don’t eat that much of the stuff really, but Daddy goes on and on about how much he loves the salty pwrapping vegetables in baconork I think they have just learned from him. I tried an experiment wrapping brussel sprouts with bacon and baking them, kids loved it. Pumpkin and baconĀ also a very nice combo, basically I would try any vegetable, especially if you’re trying to convert your kid to not only eating the food but liking it too. Easily done – use toothpicks to secure the meat and bake for 20 minutes on about 200C, vegetables from raw should cook through in this time.

Another food I love to add to so many things but in particular Bolognese, curry, stews and casseroles, any kind of saucy dish, is pear. I discovered this one day getting dinner ready and I had a few pieces of fruit leftover from the morning fruit ninja routine. So as I am very inclined to do I peeled the leftover pear, diced it and chucked it in the saucepan. Suffice to say it was awesome, as I am still doing it. I even make sure I always have pears in the fruit bowl nowadays just in case. Sometimes we get so stuck in our routines that we do what we know, cook what will be eaten, shop for the same foods. While I would never encourage anyone to take up dinner time battling, I would encourage to try something different in your weekly usuals. Even if it means just throwing in an extra ingredient to shake things up.

Emma Eastman 2016

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