Parties for Beginners

Parties for Beginners

In keeping with the partyParties theme this week, I thought I would share the kinds of games I know my kids like (ages 1-6). In preparation for the games I bought some prizes from the cheapie shop, just little things, but still drives the party budget up!
I think having a couple of games is a good idea to keep the children happy, but try not to overload them with too many, you don’t need the extra stress either! And just remember too – a fast game is a good game, so just get them going and then keep it up until the end. Here are just a few that we played at our party.

Bikkie Faces
Using oval-shaped plain milk biscuits (Arrowroots) and some leftover icing from the cake production (because there always is), spread the icing on the flat side of the biscuit. Add smarties or similar choc beans for eyes, and a jellybean or other kind of lolly for the mouth or you can use fudge writing pens, sprinkles, anything will work here.

PasPartiess the Parcel
Better known in my house as Parcel the Parcel!
Yes the old classic, I don’t think I need to explain do I? Oh okay, so wrap up a prize, and then add another prize and wrap etc. I do like to have enough so that every kid gets a turn. Play some music, pass the parcel, and stop the music, unwrap a layer. Some hints to make the game run smoothly are:

  • Colour-code the wrapping paper if you have specific boys or girls prizes
  • Chose small or flat presents/prizes for this game
  • Enlist the help of someone around to keep track of who has had a turn
  • Use newspaper or preschool paintings to save using nice paper
  • Be a little bossy with the kids to keep them going

Lolly Hunt with a twist
There are 3 parts to this game so it can actually take the kids a while from start to finish.Parties
1. Give all the kids a brown paper bag or plain white boxes and get them to decorate them with stickers, glitter, any crafty stuff you have lying around. Get them to write their names on the bag/box if they are able.

2. Having scattered 2 decks of playing cards around the garden or house, clearly instruct the children to find them and bring them back to you one at a time. This is a really good tool so that the fastest kids don’t get all the lollies.

3. When the kids bring back their card, they can trade it with you for a lolly to put in their bag, and then send them off to find another card.

Musical Statues
Another nice and easy one, and my personal favourite because kids love dancing and I love watching them dance, so sweet. I’m sure we all know the rules to this one too, but just in case: play music, kids dance, stop music and the dancers must freeze. Anyone still moving when the music has stopped is OUT. Be ruthless or the game will go on for ages. Last man standing is the winner.

Emma Eastman 2012

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