luigi birthday cake

He Really Took The Cake This Time

luigi birthday cakeMy husband and I have a perpetual disagreement (to use a more polite word) about who will do the birthday party cake. And with 3 kids this comes up often enough. For many reasons other than we are both just too competitive, including my usual grievance that I buy the cake, I cook the cake, I make the icing and buy any decorations required, and he swoops in to put it all together and gets 100% credit – it really bugs me. Because I get this look from other mums like “wow you are SO lucky to have a husband like that” and all I can think is “what? a massive glory hunter?” but really what upsets me most is that he is so much better at it than me. Just check the picture if you need proof.

As usual we try to stick to 2D pictures of characters the kids like
– much easier to do an outline than a full shape if you know what I mean. And if you or your partner (or grandparent or talented child or wonderful friend) are any good at replicating a simple drawing then you’ll know what parts need particular attention. The first thing my hubby concentrated on was the eye and hat symbol using fondant, and the rest was done with icing and brown sprinkles. Find a picture of what you are trying to recreate and go for it.

Emma Eastman 2016


  1. Do I know you? 🙂

  2. Yes you do 😉

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