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Simple Things Can Make Dinner FUN

fun kids dinnerAs chef parents we are given a mission impossible at times to get our kids to eat what we want them to eat, enter the fussy eater. There are many tricks that can be applied to get kids eating, but one really easy way to make it more fun is in presentation. Tonight I made for the kids Teriyaki Chicken with mashed sweet and white potato with corn. I had a little chunk of carrot leftover from making the lunches this morning and I thought it would be a laugh if I cut it nice and thin and kinda poked it into the mash.

Other quick fun you can throw into food…

  • Saucy Smiley Faces
  • Make fun patterns with the meat and/or veg
  • Line things up into columns
  • Give it a new name – The Chicken TeriyakiStarfighter (above)
  • Sauces can also make fun lines, spell names or pattern spots
  • Use different containers as bowls

Any of these kinds of little ploys serve as a distraction and with any luck the dinnertime battle will subside – sometimes!

Emma Eastman 2016

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