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Have a STAR WARS Themed Party, I Will

Star Wars is dearly loved by ALL members of my family, and we went excitedly to see The Force Awakens just a day after it was released. It has been the hottest topic of conversation in the car, living room, toilet and shower, and they watch
as many videos as they can about it find on YouTube. No surprises whatsoever when the first talk of birthday party came up and the instant answer to What kind of party would you like? was STAR WARS. I figured there would be no end to inspistormtrooper marshmallowsration out there – and I was right.

Storm Trooper Marshmallows – Fairly self explanatory but I should point out that purchasing a packet of larger, only white marshmallows will help you greatly. I used a black edible texta/marker to draw the faces – favouring this over using a fudge pen.

Lightsabers – Pretzel sticks covered in white chocolate with a bit lightsaber pretzel sticksof food colouring. Tips for melting the white chocolate:
1. First make sure that what you have is actually chocolate. I have used things called ‘Melts’ before that don’t like to melt very much. If the word chocolate appears on the packet then you’ll be right.
2. I used a mug a little over half filled with choc, and microwaved it for a minute, and then 20 seconds at a time until the chocolate looses its form. Stir well, any lumps should melt in the heat of the cup.
3. Add a couple drops of colour and start dipping the sticks, laying them down on baking paper to cool and set.

BB-8 Balls – Another simple idea using 2 different size meatballs. Cut the smallbb-8 ballser (head) meatball in half and attach with a tooth pick to the larger (body) meatball.yoda cups

Yoda Cups – Simply green jelly with a little face and lolly ear. A bit of fun.

Wookie Cookies – Once again so very wookie cookieseasy. Using a round chocolate covered biscuit, draw a Chewbacca face with a white, black and chocolate coloured pen.

The Cake – By request I made a Wicket cake, the favourite Ewok from Return Of The Jedi. Cwicket cakehocolate cake with chocolate icing, and as always I used packet cake mix to lighten the load on myself. The lips, nose and spear all made with fondant, eyes made from Lindt balls cut in half. The fur I tried to replicate with forking the icing, and the loin cloth was fondant (with a few little hard bits you can see in the picture here), and I added a little bit of icing and fudge ‘stitches’ for a dirtier effect.

Games – We had a ‘Rebels’ VS ‘The Empire’ soccer game, which could be applied to British Bulldogs or a handball tournament. We also made lightsabers for the kids out of pool noodles – red, blue and green, cut into 2 or 3 lengths with a duct tape handle. Yes the perfect instrument for bashing things with but amazingly no one gets hurt.

All the usual places have tonnes more recipe and game ideas, some of them so easy to pull off. Good luck and may the force be with you.

Emma Eastman 2016

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