You will need to be prepared for this one, requiring:

  • Rice – There is ‘Sushi’ Rice (short grain), but it really doesn’t matter too much what you use
  • Pressed Seaweed – Nori sheets
  • Bamboo mat (you can get the sheets and mats from the supermarket)
  • Filling – I used carrot and cucumber (kid friendly) but you might also like to try tuna or other seafood, Chicken Teriyaki (very Japanese), avocado, anything is fine, so long as it gets eaten by the children.

Also in preparation, once the rice is cooked, transfer it to a large bowl and sprinkle some rice wine vinegar (about 2 tbsp) or instead you can use a mix of white vinegar and half a tsp of sugar. Mix well, also helping the rice to cool. Cold rice is much easier to work with. Good luck.

Get your nori sheet and lay on the mat with the perforations going up and down. Spread the rice as evenly as possible on half the sheet.
Lay whatever filling you chose to use. Remember here less is more. I mean that if you try to squeeze too much in, they will fall apart.
Carefully roll the sheet using the mat as you naturally would roll a piece of paper. Fingers can be gently placed on the filling to keep it in line.








As you get towards the end of the roll, leave a space about 2cm and generously spread water all the way along – this will make the nori sticky and ‘seal’ the sushi.
Very gently with a sharp knife, cut the rolls by first getting through the top layer of nori, then cut straight down. It’s easy to make them fall apart at this stage, so take care.
Arrange on a large plate with a small bowl to dip into soy sauce. Introducing your kids to Sushi is a great move to encourage life long healthy eating. Itadakimasu!


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