The Heart of Christmas

If you asked my kids what the most important thing about Christmas is they would naturally reply – presents! And while I do agree with them to some extent (I love my slippers and earrings!) I still believe that food, the kitchen and eating are the stuff that brings us together to share all the gifts – and love! You don’t say to your in-laws “come over on the 25th for some unwrapping” now do you? Course not! You ask them over for lunch. You ask your friends over for dinner. And the neighbours come over for Xmas drinks (still classed as eating in my book – the best kind ;) The kitchen is not only where all the lovely, decadent, overly rich seasonal food and drinks come from, but in our house also the sticky tape, super glue, scissors and batteries, making it even more so the most important room in our house!

That said, and me with all my food obsessions, I don’t cook the Christmas lunch. The Roast Master does that. How can you mess with perfection? And so far this December, unlike previously, we haven’t had a fridge die, and oven kark it, or a car that needs $1000s worth of repairs. We are doing well so far, the kitchen is perfect functioning order. The BIG FOOD shop hasn’t been done yet, but I always look forward to that one – the chocolates, the massive joints of meat, cherries, bikkies and cheeses and all the other stuff that throughout the year you are sensible enough not to buy. Buying presents stresses me out, wrapping and list making are all a source of anxiety. But when I think of the food part of this season, I just smile in happy anticipation.

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