The Perfect Pizza Sauce?

For as long as I have been making (or at least attempting to make) pizza dough I have always relied on using plain tomato paste for a base sauce, maybe once or twice jazzed it up using a bit of herb flavouring, but the basic I always thought was best. Until a child told me that my pizza sauce was too tomato-ey (not my kids, they know better than to invoke the wrath of mum) so I have been thinking about how to improve on basic. I have just recently updated my Best Pizza Dough recipe and I am thoroughly ashamed to admit that it just tastes way better with double the salt and sugar. So I wondered if I could use a simple method like this to spice up my pizza sauce.

It was pretty easy really, although I’ll be willing to bet the judges at Masterchef would be most displeased. Now when I make by best pizza dough, the best pizza sauce is just this: use a ratio of tomato paste and tomato sauce 2:1. Straightforward I know, but it is defo the fastest way to double the sugar and salt in a single step. I just asked my toughest critic what he thought of today’s new and improved pizza base and sauce, and I got two thumbs up. I can safely report that it’s delicious.

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