Turning a Failure into a Success

Sometimes, not that often, (okay quite a bit I admit) I have awful disasters in the kitchen and things don’t go as I have planned. Like when trying to make rissoles and the buggers don’t stay rolled up but fall apart the second you try to turn them. Or the time I made “purple” Fish Pie because I didn’t think that cooking with purple cabbage would have any effect on the white sauce. That turned purple. Last night when making fish cakes for the first time in ages, I didn’t bother to look at my OWN recipe, nah I thought, I’ll be able to wing this. Not. Fish Cake fall apart city is where we were at and I was flattened myself.

My lovely husband convinced me to carry on cooking a disaster and promised to eat it anyway. So I treated the fallen apart fish cakes like any other protein and fried it up gently and served it on top of pesto spaghetti. Yes it was use up the leftovers night. Turns out that he had a second helping, and the kids had lush sandwich fillings for school today. I was so lucky to find myself in the very rare category when Lose = win + win. So have faith. When your white sauce turns purple, just keep going and change the name of the dish 🙂

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