peas in a pod party theme

Two Peas in a Pod

peas in a pod party themeWhat People Ate: The ladies enjoyed my handmade chocolate cupcakes and fondant vanilla pea biscuits, fresh brioche, chicken sandwiches and a lovely three layer vanilla buttercream cake (outsourced this time after three failed attempts in the kitchen that week).

What People Drank: The ladies drank water with lemon and fresh mint from the garden and a selection of T2 tea and freshly roasted coffee.

Cardboard peas and polka dots: Little Paper Plate Events
Felt string and honeycomb balls: Pulp Creative Paper

Cake: The Cupcake Co – Mosman Fondant Cake topper

Biscuits and cupcakes: Little Paper Plate Events
Cake decorating supplies: Something for Cake
Party photography: Little Paper Plate Events

peas5   peas3   peas2
Party by Felicity D.

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