What Kind of Fussy Eater is Yours?

Fussy eaters. Ah yes the ones who like us to sit with them, cut their food into only 1 kind of shape, or will only eat 1 particular colour of food at a time. They can drive us bat crazy with their demands and their ridiculous reasons for not eating things. Yes darling I know your icecream is cold, it’s icecream! But what can we do about it so that we know our little fuss pots are getting enough calories in their little bodies? Fist you need to identify the problem. Is it a particular taste or flavour? Doesn’t like ‘wet’ stuff? Won’t eat anything unless it’s finger food? My middle child is like me and isn’t very good at eating meat. I (and him too I assume) find meat very dry and difficult to swallow. Solution? Don’t serve dry meat. Chops instead of steaks, stews instead of stir fry. Serve the meat with juices (or sauce) and the ‘dry’ problem disappears.

This week I made Quesadillas for the kids again, the first time not so successful because I tried with spinach and cheese, shame on me sticking something green in there. These beef Quesadillas however were gobbled up lightning fast. If your fussy eater only likes finger food, then this is a perfect meal. Along with other great Mexican dishes (Nachos and Tacos) don’t require any cutlery and so are perfect for fussy eaters who love to use their hands. Identifying the problem is half of the solution. Once you know what ticks the boxes, stick to it. You don’t have to try to get them to eat something new every week, use the meals you know they won’t fuss over and be slow and steady with introducing new foods. Another trick with fussy eaters is taking them shopping with you and allowing them to choose the dinner that night. A lot can be said for a child that feels they are in control of their eating.

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