night sky cake

What to do With a Kilo of Black Fondant

Earlier this year I made our son a football cake (soccer for those who can’t keep up) and the only way to access black fondant was buying a huge tub of it. So I was left with 3/4 of a massive lump of black cake clay and as my daughter’s birthday was approaching I put my mind to just hopenguin cakew I could use it all up, or at least, use it. Enter clever husband cake number 1 (please don’t ask why there was more than one cake – you will think of me a pushover).

Luckily for my husband, he can whip up a creation like this in no time at all. Unfortunately, I can’t and so was stuck with thinking and planning and brainstorming for what turned out to be a perfectly simple cake just like the penguin. Other cakes that were in the running for the using of the black fondant were: Orca (Killer Whale), Darth Vader or a spooky Halloweenish theme. Using the black, other coloured fondants and star shaped fondant cutters, here’s how The Night Sky turned out:

night sky cake

Other ideas to incorporate here were:

  • Using only white fondant to make the stars
  • Using little silver cake deco balls for a more galactic feel
  • Use cake glitter for ‘space dust’
  • Creating planets in a solar system, be it ours or another
  • Or bring it closer to home and create a night skyline

Whatever you choose, you can make it work with persistence and maybe a good friend who is a great cake maker! Fondant isn’t always the easiest material to use but it can be so very effective and create simple looks that are easily achievable. You might not want to share it on Pinterest, but you WILL be able to make it yourself for your kids.

Emma Eastman 2015

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